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Bible lessons and Teaching tips - Contents.

Teaching tips from Maurice Sweetsur ( ).
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5. Prayer.
6. Hearing from God.
7. The Ten Commandments.
8. John 3.16.
9. Teaching Memory verses.
10. Gospel Illusions.
11. Object Lessons (using natural laws).
12. Lessons involving balloons.
13. Lessons involving fire.
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Maurice Sweetsur
68. God’s love.
67. The Stat of Bethlehem.
66. Helping children to defend their faith.
65. Keeping discipline in your children’s class. 
64. Did God really create the earth in six days?
63. God v. Santa Claus.
62. How many different types of Christians are there?
61. - How old is the earth?
60. - God's Diary.
59 - Understanding Biblical Miracles.
58 - Developing good habits and making good choices.
57 - What do children believe?
56. God's unconditiomal love.
55. Christian Myths.
54. Playing for God's team
53. Discipleship.
52. Getting to know your children.
51. The road of life.
50. The Church.
49. What children need to understand about God.
48. The twelve days of Christmas.
47. Big bang or big mess?
46. The day of rest.
45. Dead to the world.
44. Using Christian songs to teach Biblical truths (Part 2).
44. Using Christian songs to teach Biblical truths.
43. Our amazing earth.
42. Commitment to Christ - Two analogies.
41. Symbols of Christmas.
40. Made in the image of God.
39. Why Christians praise God.
38. The progressive revelation of God.
37. Children are special.
36. Steps to forgiving others.
35. Presenting puppet skits and plays.
34. Religion or Christianity.
33. Our lives are on loan from God.
32. Peer pressure.
31. Teaching children to P.R.A.Y.
30.Teaching Bible stories as real history.
29. Memory verses on cardboard discs.
28. Assurance of salvation.
27. New Life in Christ.
26. Head belief or heart belief?
25. The Ten Commandments.
24. Knowing Jesus or knowing about Jesus?
23. The Good Samaritan.
Teaching John 3.16.
Overcoming discipline problems - by making your lessons fun and exciting.
1. Getting children to pray in public.
2. How we should pray (A lesson from blind Bartimaeus).
3. Ideas for teaching the David and Goliath story.
4. Ideas on teaching about Creation.
5. Developing good habits.
A. Teaching children how to make right choices.
B. Teaching children to be generous givers.
6. Use of Balloon modelling in Children's ministry.
7. Use of Ventriloquism to teach class rules.
8. Leading children to Christ.
9. Noah's ark and the flood.
10. Use of storytelling.
11. What is love?
12. The Lord's prayer.
13, Teaching Memory verses.
14. What's in a name?
15. Telling the C.H.R.I.S.T.M.A.S. story.
16. How God speaks to us.
What do children believe?
17. Ideas for teaching about Zacchaeus.
18. Jesus Understands (Easter).
19. Teaching Bible stories in context.
Creation or Evolution. Does it really matter what we believe?
20. Creation and Evolution.
21. The lost sheep.
22. The lost son.