Friday, September 19, 2014

T.T. 63. God v. Santa Claus.

T.T. 63. God v. Santa Claus.


God is a good and generous God who wants the very best for us. However, it is important to teach children that He is NOT like a Santa Claus.


Some people seem to think that God is like a Santa Claus. They only seem to talk to Him when they want something from Him. Their prayers are usually selfish, such as “Give me.” “Help me.” Give my mum this.” “Help my dad do that.”


Although there is a place for such prayers, we need to remember that God does not exist to serve us. Rather, we exist to serve Him.


The best type of prayers are when we place God at the centre of them, such as :-


“Here I am. How can I serve You today?”

“How can I serve you more effectively?”

“How can I show your love to others?”

“Help me to know you better.”

“Help me to love you more.”




If our attitude is right and our greatest desire is to please God, He will bless us and take care of all our needs.